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Amatrol designs, develops and manufactures technical learning systems, highly interactive eLearning, hands-on simulators, and more to train tomorrow’s global workforce for many diverse industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, packaging, etc. Didactic organizations such as colleges, universities, and high schools as well as companies use our made-in-the-USA products to teach individuals technical and workplace skills ranging from entry level basic technical skills to advanced technology troubleshooting for both degree and certification preparation. Learn More about how we use real-world components in our training equipment and in-depth curricula to build the workforce’s next generation.

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Featured Product: 950-HM1


Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System – 950-HM1

Amatrol’s Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System (950-HM1) teaches skills related to servicing and maintaining hydraulic systems and components. Hydraulic systems are used in innumerable industrial areas like automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, and food processing. This learning system provides a valuable learning experience for industrial maintenance technicians, system installers, and many others by covering hydraulic filter and fluid maintenance, fittings, seals, hydraulic hose and clamping devices, hydraulic tubing, and hydraulic component installation. This system includes a mobile workstation, hose set and tubing rack, flush cart module, fittings module, component panel, and fluid servicing kit. Learn More