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Mechanical equipment maintenance technician careers offer some of the highest paying and most satisfying opportunities available today as companies increase their use of newer and more complex machinery. A highly trained/highly skilled maintenance manager, HVAC technician, or quality maintenance technician can earn more than $50,000 per year in today’s sophisticated workplace. To perform these jobs well, technicians must have higher skill levels in a wider range of technologies than ever before.

Amatrol’s Maintenance Program helps schools raise students to the level needed to enter these exciting careers. By recreating the industrial environment in the classroom and teaching relevant skills, the Maintenance Program brings students closer to being job ready.

The Amatrol Maintenace Program will quickly get your maintenance program into high gear with everything you need to get the job done: extensive curriculum in both print-based and CD-ROM formats, high quality industrial hands-on training equipment, teacher guides, computerized classroom assessment system, installation, on-going service and support, and teacher training.

Amatrol’s turnkey Maintenance Program has proved an outstanding success for over 1,000 industrial training centers and colleges throughout the world. The curriculum and equipment have been developed and validated through close cooperation with key industry clients.

The program is also unique because it offers:

Industrial quality equipment – Amatrol’s industrial quality equipment makes students feel like they are actually training in a real industrial setting. Amatrol learning systems feature heavy-duty, industry-standard components and a far greater range of component types so that students are better prepared for the entire scope of the technologies they will encounter.

Troubleshooting Emphasis – Amatrol curriculum teaches troubleshooting with organized problem-solving methods. Many learning systems feature Amatrol’s Computer-Based Fault Insertion System, which automatically inserts faults and tracks student troubleshooting activities.

Task-Based Curriculum – The Maintenance Program curriculum uses a task-based design where theory and hands-on learning activities are structured around industry-relevant tasks.

Individualized and Group Learning Formats – Amatrol’s learning activity packet (LAP) design gives instructors the flexibility to teach students using either a self-directed or traditional lecture-lab format. All theory and hands-on instructional materials needed for teaching both formats are included in each learning activity packet.

Multimedia and Printed Curriculum Formats – Many learning systems are available with an optional multimedia curriculum in addition to printed curriculum to further support individualized and distance learning applications. The multimedia versions have the same content as the printed versions plus they include extensive video, 3D simulations, and interactive activities.

MT Program Contents

Learning Systems – These systems include hands-on stations with industrial quality software and equipment to provide learning in mechanical maintenance topics.

Printed Curriculum – Each learning system includes a printed curriculum in an individualized, layered, task-based format.

Interactive Multimedia Curriculum – Various learning systems are available with an optional interactive multimedia version of the printed curriculum to enhance student learning and motivation.

Teacher Training Services – Amatrol provides tuition-free teacher training for initial and on-going professional development of teachers involved in the Maintenance Program.

Service and Support Services – Amatrol offers superior service and support, including free hot-line support and knowledgeable local service technicians.

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