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NIMS Certifications Pave the Path to a Successful Career in Industry

...Metalforming; Press Brake; Screw Machining; and Stamping. The most popular NIMS certifications are in the areas of Industrial Technology Maintenance and Machining. Industrial Technology Maintenance Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) certifications...... Learn More

Industry-Standard Certifications Can Jump-Start or Fast-Track Your Career in Advanced Manufacturing a wide variety of workers in the fields of industrial maintenance and mechatronics. Machining: NIMS offers a variety of Machining certifications for entry-level Machining (CNC and manual) skills. For...... Learn More

Amatrol’s eLearning: The Technical Training Solution for Industry

...electrical, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, alternative energy, HVAC, CNC machining, industrial certifications, mechanical, process control, quality assurance, safety, STEM, industrial maintenance, and even advanced topics like automation, mechatronics, robotics, and Industry...... Learn More

National Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certifies First Apprentices in IN build a flexible workforce that can move to wherever the greatest manufacturing need exists. Skills in this program include soldering, sheet metal fabrication, quality inspection, inventory control, CNC machining,...... Learn More

Amatrol Hosts 350 Students for Manufacturing Day 2016

...workplace. Students were able to see employees working in several areas including machining, mechanical & electrical assembly, engineering, curriculum design, and graphical services. It was great to see a new...... Learn More

Using eAssessment To Bridge the Skills Gap with Targeted Training

...automation, electrical, fluid power, green energy, industry fundamentals, lean manufacturing, machining, manufacturing processes, materials, measurement and gauging, mechanical, prints and drawings, process control, quality, safety, structural engineering, surveying, thermal, and...... Learn More

Makerspaces, Amatrol Work to Close the Skills Gap

...using meter 950-ELF1 Electrical Fabrication – basic electrical wiring 90-EC1A / 990-EC1 Electric Relay Control – understanding logic and machine language 95-MP-1 Machine Tools – manual power tools/machining 96-CAD1 &...... Learn More

‘Operation Next’ Arms Departing Service Members With Manufacturing Job Skills

...and knowledge will allow these separating soldiers to fill vital positions in the labor market, specifically focusing on Precision Machining and Industrial Technology Maintenance. Operation Next’s pilot program will launch...... Learn More

Are Your Students Pursuing Certifications That Matter?

...Maintenance (ITM) certifications, as well as two key Machining certifications: CNC Mill Operations and CNC Lathe Operations. SACA The Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) offers Industry 4.0 certifications that focus...... Learn More

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