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Equipping a CTE Lab: How To Teach Process Control Skills monitor and control industrial processes. They can also control processes in a Smart Factory by communicating data directly to a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system via manufacturing execution...... Learn More

Looking Ahead to Manufacturing Trends in 2019

Take a bow, Manufacturing – you’re looking good! Over the past eight years, manufacturing created roughly 1.1 million jobs, bouncing back from the sector’s abyss experienced during the Great Recession....... Learn More

Industry-Standard Certifications Can Jump-Start or Fast-Track Your Career in Advanced Manufacturing” skills that address the integration of Industry 4.0 technology into advanced manufacturing processes. Whether you’re a student looking for a jump start into a successful advanced manufacturing career or...... Learn More

Training Tomorrow’s Workforce Starts Today

...transform workplaces into shining examples of the wonders of automation. With this machine-driven future clearly in sight, we must begin to talk about automated manufacturing rather than advanced manufacturing. These...... Learn More

Guiding Students toward the In-Demand Skills & Roles of the Future

...and energy, controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. What truly sets Amatrol apart is its dedication...... Learn More

Dual Enrollment Programs Pave the Pathway to Career Success

...Associate of Applied Science degree, while also earning industry-standard certifications in safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness as part of the Manufacturing Skills Standards...... Learn More

National Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certifies First Apprentices in IN

Jessica Schafer, a recent Industrial Manufacturing Technician graduate, uses a CNC machine at Amatrol National Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certifies First Apprentices in Indiana Amatrol became the first company in Indiana...... Learn More

We Can Solve the Technical Skills Gap! by Paul Perkins

...Further, advances in computing power and reduced costs of technology are enabling more manufacturing processes to be automated, generating the need for an ever-increasing number of maintenance and IT technicians...... Learn More

Latest NAM Survey Confirms Skills Gap Remains Greatest Challenge

...64.4% of manufacturers responded that their companies are digitally enabling their manufacturing processes. 54.4% of manufacturers indicated they’re planning to accelerate their manufacturing digital transformation in the coming year. How...... Learn More

Training for the Future: How CPT and CPT+ Certifications Can Enrich Professional Development CPT and CPT+ Certification Currently, an individual who passes any of the four individual certificate modules (Safety; Quality Practices & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes & Production; Maintenance Awareness) is awarded...... Learn More

Using eAssessment To Bridge the Skills Gap with Targeted Training

...automation, electrical, fluid power, green energy, industry fundamentals, lean manufacturing, machining, manufacturing processes, materials, measurement and gauging, mechanical, prints and drawings, process control, quality, safety, structural engineering, surveying, thermal, and...... Learn More

Are Your Students Pursuing Certifications That Matter?

...Technician (CPT) certification recognizes skills in five key areas: Safety; Quality Practices & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes & Production; Maintenance Awareness; and Green Production. The Certified Production Technician+ Skill Boss Manufacturing...... Learn More

Skills Training in Correctional Facilities: How Second Chances Could Help Close the Skills Gap

...controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. Visit Amatrol online to learn more about how you can...... Learn More

Your Next Career: Why Manufacturing Makes Sense

...manufacturing makes sense for so many people looking for their next career.   Manufacturing Stereotypes Are Wrong What comes to mind when you think of manufacturing? Many people might picture...... Learn More

2020 Vision: A Look Ahead at the Future of Manufacturing

advanced manufacturing facilities, though, is the exact opposite. According to a recent Manufacturing Lounge article, “manufacturers of today are innovators, creators, designers and critical thinkers…[but] [m]any people’s perception of manufacturing...... Learn More

Amatrol Products Part of Ashley Furniture’s $3 Million Investment

...Amatrol, FANUC, Yaskawa, and SolidWorks to train students in electronics, manufacturing processes, automation, and robotics. Partnering with the Trempealeau Valley Cooperative, this Mobile Skills Laboratory will give students in the...... Learn More

Amatrol and GE Appliances support new lab for Bullitt County students

to familiarize high school students with modern manufacturing careers and motivate them to make manufacturing a career choice.” “The manufacturing sector is integral to the local and national economy. We...... Learn More

Giving Career Advice to Students: What Skills Will Students Need To Be Successful in the Jobs of the Future?

...roles can be found in any advanced manufacturing facility. What New Jobs Will Industry 4.0 Create? As advanced manufacturing facilities leverage the Internet of Things and increased automation to improve...... Learn More

Where Are All the Highly-Skilled Workers? manufacturing careers. However, manufacturing as a whole suffers from ongoing negative image problems. What do most Americans think of when they envision a career in manufacturing? Too often, the...... Learn More

Amatrol Announces Tours for Manufacturing Day 2015

  Amatrol, in partnership with One Southern Indiana and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), is offering tours of its world-class manufacturing facility for Manufacturing Day on September 30th, October...... Learn More

Training the Future Workforce: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

...the Manufacturing Institute estimates that, over the next decade, almost 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled. However, because of the skills gap, as many as 2.4 million...... Learn More

KY FAME’s 7 Steps to Solving the Manufacturing Skills Gap

KY FAME (Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) is solving the manufacturing skills gap. This partnership of local manufacturers has created a sustainable pipeline of much needed skilled workers. Here...... Learn More

NIMS Certifications Pave the Path to a Successful Career in Industry

If you’re looking for a job, look no further than the nearest advanced manufacturing facility. In today’s job market, that’s good advice because manufacturing is booming. According to the National...... Learn More

CTE Partners: How Can Employers Help Educators Develop Relevant Career and Technical Education Programs?

the Manufacturing Institute. Not sure how to get started? Check out this handy guide published online by NAM: How To Start Planning Your Manufacturing Day Event. Click below to watch...... Learn More

“Industry 4.0 Fundamentals” Sets the Deck for Student Success which we think, and use, transport to improve manufacturing logistics. In Wisconsin, Foxconn Technology Group is planning to run autonomous semi-trucks along Interstate 94 between its manufacturing plant and...... Learn More

Local Students Tour Amatrol for National Manufacturing Day 2015

engineering and manufacturing skills and processes at work by experiencing Amatrol’s modern manufacturing facility. Students were able to witness lean manufacturing along with state-of-the-art machinery which provides more efficient product...... Learn More

Are Your Students Prepared To Work in a Smart Factory?

...unfilled manufacturing jobs is expected to continue to rise in coming years. For example, a study conducted by Deloitte for the Manufacturing Institute estimates that, over the next decade, almost...... Learn More

Study Shows Smart Factory Initiatives Paying Off for Early Adopters

...a serious problem that hasn’t gotten as much attention: productivity rut. According to the Study, U.S. manufacturing is in a productivity rut. Currently, “manufacturing productivity appears to be stuck…posting annual...... Learn More

What Is Needed for Smart Factory Capabilities? A Look Into Industry 4.0… is then input to the Manufacturing Execution Software, which offers a full-screen view into the real-time manufacturing process. With time, machines will understand so much about the process that...... Learn More

Could Automation Revive Manufacturing Apprenticeships?

...a manufacturing facility. As manufacturers add more and more machines to their production facilities, they also need more and more highly-skilled humans to work alongside them. As advanced as they...... Learn More

Five Ways to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing

...avocado on a piece of toast. But no matter your opinion on younger generations, one fact is staring the manufacturing sector square in the face – by 2025, Millennials are...... Learn More

NIMS Endorses Amatrol’s Multimedia Curricula for ITM Certification

...National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, a federal initiative to create regional hubs to accelerate the development and adoption of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. For more information on LIFT, visit ....... Learn More

Teach Hands-On Smart Automation Skills in High School Using Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory

...the manufacturing landscape. Cyber-physical systems are combining automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring about a Fourth Industrial Revolution — often known as Industry 4.0 — to create...... Learn More

Amatrol and MSSC Labor Day Gift to the Nation

Facing ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing workforce nationwide, Amatrol and MSSC partner up to release ‘CPT+ Skill Boss Production’, a new hands-on training and certification program JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA – Thanks to...... Learn More

Join Amatrol for Manufacturing Day on October 3rd, 2014!

and 2:00 pm of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. To register for this event, please click here. To learn more about Manufacturing Day, please visit their website. The MFG Day Mission...... Learn More

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your CTE Program

...a better time in history to become interested in a manufacturing career. There are hundreds of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs available, literally waiting for someone to take them. But...... Learn More

Amatrol Announces Addition of Oxygen Education Division

...AME21 product suite, Advanced Manufacturing Education for the 21st Century, Oxygen Education offers training in lean manufacturing which teaches learners how to find ways to identify and eliminate waste in...... Learn More

Amatrol Hosts 350 Students for Manufacturing Day 2016

Amatrol hosted manufacturers, educators, & community leaders for National Manufacturing Day 2016 events to educate the public about the opportunities in manufacturing. Over the 3 day event, approximately 350 students...... Learn More

STEM Education Holds the Key to Bridging the Skills Gap

...currently in short supply. For example, statistics in the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey reveal nearly a half-million open manufacturing jobs in the United...... Learn More

Transform Your Tabletop Mechatronics System into a Smart Factory

maintenance management systems.       Smart Maintenance The new Tabletop Smart Factory manufacturing execution system (87-TME) features IGear Pulse manufacturing execution software. Students using this system will learn production...... Learn More

How Does Industry 4.0 Affect My Job? The Truth Behind Smart Automation

...From?” Well, kind of. Jobs will be aplenty, that’s for sure. Even now, the manufacturing sector is booming, and unemployment is at historic lows. According to the Hays Global Skills...... Learn More

Amatrol’s Partnership with MSSC

Amatrol’s eLearning is endorsed by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) for use with its Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification program. The CPT program certifies individuals that demonstrate mastery of...... Learn More

STEM Dropout Rates and the Manufacturing Skills Gap

From the article, “STEM Dropout Rates and the Manufacturing Skills Gap”: Courses in high school must move beyond the theoretical and into the practical so that students can see their...... Learn More

Low-Cost, High-Skill Portable Simulators Can Help Workforce Shortage

Let’s face it – with over 2 million U.S. manufacturing jobs going unfilled because applicants lack the required skills, we have an urgent and critical need for manufacturing training. Companies...... Learn More

‘Operation Next’ Arms Departing Service Members With Manufacturing Job Skills

...manufacturing. Operation Next is made possible by a partnership between LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow), NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills), Amatrol, and the Gene Haas Foundation. The program provides...... Learn More

Five Ways to Increase Student Enrollment in CTE Classes

...excite this next generation of high school students. Also, schedule tours for parents. Parents have a misconception that the advanced manufacturing world is a dead-end career path and it is...... Learn More

Four Ways to Establish Ties with Local Community Colleges

...advancement of technology in manufacturing and other like sectors, businesses need workers who are ready to work, and are skilled in the areas with the widest competency gaps. Studies have...... Learn More

Bevill State CC introduces free CPT training program in Northern Alabama

...the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) assessment system, preparing them for entry-level positions as production workers in manufacturing. Currently, Bevill State is one of only four colleges in the Northern...... Learn More

What Is Industry 4.0?

...Internet, Smart Automation, Smart Manufacturing, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Whatever you choose to call it, Industry 4.0 is here and gaining momentum every day. To get a better...... Learn More

Amatrol’s Partnership with NIMS

...certifications provide workforce training to close the advanced manufacturing skills gap. Amatrol has also partnered with NIMS to provide training for future veterans as a part of Operation Next. Partnering...... Learn More

Visit Amatrol at ACTE Vision 2019 | See Smart Factory & Skill Boss in Action!

...Skill Boss Manufacturing, Portable AC/DC Electrical Learning System, Portable Process Control Learning System, and more! More About Amatrol’s Learning Systems Featured at the Show: Smart Factory Tabletop Mechatronics Training...... Learn More

Join Amatrol at SMTA International 2019!

...Idle will be there to answer your questions about hands-on training in the field of electronics manufacturing. About SMTA International 2019 SMTA will host the 20th annual SMTA International Conference...... Learn More

Amatrol Learning Systems Showcased on PBS “News Hour”

...train the next generation of skilled workers. Programs like the one created by Cuyahoga and ArcelorMittal can help alleviate a nationwide problem facing industry and manufacturing: finding enough skilled workers...... Learn More

Join Amatrol at NCWE 2019!

...representatives! Regional Manager Dan Heim will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding hands-on training in the field of industrial manufacturing. In addition to talking with Dan,...... Learn More

Makerspaces, Amatrol Work to Close the Skills Gap

...their designs. Finally, by offering on-the-go curriculum and virtual trainers, students can continue their learning on content like lean manufacturing, and machine tools while away from the Spaces. This means...... Learn More

Evolving CTE Programs Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap

...passions. The wide variety of fields associated with modern CTE include: advanced manufacturing, information technology, environmental science, biotechnology, healthcare, construction, transportation, distribution, logistics, communications, and many more! To ensure that...... Learn More

New State-of-the-Art Technology Center Opening in Central Louisiana

To read the full article from The Rapides Foundation, click here. Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) recently received a $4 million grant to “strengthen manufacturing training programs” in Central...... Learn More

Join Us at ACTE VISION 2018 & See Smart Factory Training Systems In Action

...System Amatrol’s Smart Factory Mechatronics Training System is an eight-station automated manufacturing line that assembles a functional, two-way pneumatic valve. This system utilizes either a FANUC LR Mate robot or...... Learn More

Amatrol Expands In Jeffersonville, IN

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN – Amatrol is pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of completing its new building expansion, which increases manufacturing , development and training capacity to...... Learn More

Amatrol Tours Available for SkillsUSA Visitors!

SkillsUSA visitors are invited to tour Amatrol’s corporate headquarters & manufacturing facility! The tour, including travel, lasts approximately 2 hours and you will see the entire learning system development process...... Learn More

Four Reasons Why Students Should Seek Out More Apprenticeships

...apprenticeships, the Great Depression, and construction are still prevalent in the minds of some. However, apprenticeships now are no longer strictly in traditional manufacturing fields – there are over 22,000...... Learn More

Amatrol to Showcase Industrial Technology Training Systems at ATX West

...more fun than a robot for many students, and will encourage them to enter a career pathway in advanced manufacturing.” Along with its flexible and compact design, the Skill Boss...... Learn More

Amatrol’s eLearning: The Technical Training Solution for Industry

...why Amatrol’s eLearning is the ideal technical training solution for industry. 1. Great Value New technologies are making today’s industries more productive and efficient, improving the bottom line as processes...... Learn More

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Certified

...regulatory requirements, ensure high quality products and services, and facilitate customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2015 compliance confirms that Amatrol is continually organizing and improving QMS processes, as well as QMS process...... Learn More

Amatrol Mechatronics Training Video

...Amatrol’s Mechatronics Learning System is the ultimate team project! This learning system teaches learners how to manufacture industrial quality working directional control valves. They develop skills needed to enable processes...... Learn More

Case Study: Solving The Process Technologies Skills-Gap In Texas’s Upper Panhandle

...endorsed by several organizations, such as the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), to prepare for their nationally-recognized certifications like MSSC’s Certified Production...... Learn More

Die Casting Career Opportunities for MSSC CPT Certificate Recipients

MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council) recently announced an exciting new opportunity for recipients of its Certified Production Technician (CPT) certificate that reside in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, or Iowa....... Learn More

Austin Peay Becomes Second College to Offer Siemens Bachelor’s Degree

...with Siemens, Austin Peay purchased high-level Amatrol mechatronics products, including the 870-series Mechatronics Learning System with a Fanuc robot. The new mechatronics system incorporates several real-world manufacturing components, including electrical,...... Learn More

3 Ways to Determine a Community’s Technical Training Needs

...Manufacturing industry since 2014. 3 – Connect with Local Businesses Do you have one or more significant employers in your area? If so, request a meeting with an executive, manager,...... Learn More

Four Reasons You Should Be Teaching IIoT & Smart Factory Technologies

In the manufacturing world, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Factory Technologies are the way of life – machines communicate with each other, proactively working through a variety...... Learn More

Short-Term Workforce Programs Fuel Community College Enrollment

...time in a decade. According to Peter Hans, president of the NC Community College System, “Our short-term workforce programs are leading students to good jobs in manufacturing, information technology, health...... Learn More

Companies Struggle to Find Employees with Basic Assembly Skills

...skills gap and how companies are investing in a solution, read the complete article published in the following publications: IMPO (Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation) Manufacturing Tomorrow Quality Digest Tightening...... Learn More

Join Amatrol at SkillsUSA 2016 in June

...booths (S129 – S133 across from the Automated Manufacturing Technology area) with any questions you have for our representatives. Exhibit Hours are: Tuesday, June 21: 11-5 Wednesday, June 22: 8-5...... Learn More

Join Amatrol at NCATC 2019!

...Jason Everett will be there to answer your questions about Industry 4.0, Mechatronics, Certifications, and Advanced Manufacturing. We’ll also have our Portable PLC Training Systems on display for demonstration (990-PAB53AF)....... Learn More

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