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Makerspaces, Amatrol Work to Close the Skills Gap

...– welding basics 94-MP3T Plastics – plastic processes T7081 Thermal Science – basic thermodynamics and heat properties T7017A / 990-ACDC1 Basic AC/DC Electricity – fundamentals of electrical circuits and devices,...... Learn More

STEM Education Holds the Key to Bridging the Skills Gap

...two years of math or science did so. That’s a huge difference that highlights the importance of rigorous math and science education. However, it also reveals that math and science...... Learn More

Four Tips on Introducing STEM to Young Learners

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. According to the most recent study by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States ranks No. 24 in both science...... Learn More

Dual Enrollment Programs Pave the Pathway to Career Success

...half (49%) of schools had students taking part in dual enrollment courses with a CTE focus, such as computer science or manufacturing. This equates to more than 600,000 students participating...... Learn More

Robotic Movements: Camp Teaches Science, Math Skills

...for software engineering. He said instead of opting for electives that might allow him to relax a little, he plans on filling up on more math and science courses. “It’s...... Learn More

Where Are All the Highly-Skilled Workers?

...with CTE curricula, educational institutions must proactively seek industry involvement to help shape future programs. At the same time, more must be done to encourage interest in science, technology, engineering,...... Learn More

Amatrol and GE Appliances support new lab for Bullitt County students

...Associate in Applied Science degree and the opportunity for full-time employment with a sponsor company—all with little or no education debt. Or, they can choose to continue their education and...... Learn More

Evolving CTE Programs Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap

...the U.S. began to focus more and more on science and technology. CTE terminology made a corresponding shift from “trade schools” to “vocational-technical schools.” Curriculum still focused on hands-on skills,...... Learn More

NIMS Pilot New Industrial Technology Maintenance Credential

...are asked to attend a half-day meeting on May 17, 2016 at the Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg, Indiana. For more information or to RSVP, please click here. Date: Wednesday,...... Learn More

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)

...worldwide. Our members are employed by the world’s leading corporations and academic institutions and by governmental agencies dealing with science and technology. STLE supports these distinguished men and women with...... Learn More

Training Tomorrow’s Workforce Starts Today

Science fiction fans have waited patiently for decades, eagerly anticipating the day when robots would take over the world. Fortunately, the “rise of the machines” predicted by the Terminator movies...... Learn More

Training the Future Workforce: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

...Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology (known as “WSU Tech” and formerly called Wichita Area Technical College). The NCAT has been a great success, shepherding students toward associate degrees and...... Learn More

Training for the Future: How CPT and CPT+ Certifications Can Enrich Professional Development

...aimed toward high school or community college students interested in pursuing employment in a STEM-related field – science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. However there is no age restriction to learning...... Learn More

Study Shows Smart Factory Initiatives Paying Off for Early Adopters

...production processes.” Are smart factories the stuff of science fiction or a coming reality? Manufacturers believe smart factories are the future, and the future is here. According to the Study,...... Learn More

Your Next Career: Why Manufacturing Makes Sense

...“[m]odern manufacturing has evolved to now boast more jobs in product design, engineering and distribution, technology maintenance and information security, science and even finance,” according to a recent article by...... Learn More

Amatrol Learning Systems Showcased on PBS “News Hour”

...all recent science, technology, engineering and math grads were put to work, only a minimal portion of the available jobs in the country’s leading manufacturing states would be filled. Job...... Learn More

How Does Industry 4.0 Affect My Job? The Truth Behind Smart Automation

...roughly 100,000 of its employees with new training in data science, cybersecurity, and other fields. Re-training employees for new technologies is not a new phenomenon. Back in the 18th century,...... Learn More

“Industry 4.0 Fundamentals” Sets the Deck for Student Success

...human interaction, freeing up workers to focus on tasks that are exclusively human, such as invention, art, science and exploration. Currently, Industry 4.0 is poised to progress workers from assembly...... Learn More

What Is Industry 4.0?

...down. Sound like science fiction? It’s not. It’s the reality of Industry 4.0, and it will impact industrial efficiency and productivity in ways similar to previous industrial revolutions. How will...... Learn More

Fluid Power Basics

...intermediate level fluid power training systems (850 models) and curriculum in both print-based and interactive CD-ROM formats. Students explore basic principles of fluid science, component operation, circuit design, and applications....... Learn More

Amatrol proudly introduces our new line of eBooks!

...offered throughout Amatrol’s wide array of products including areas such as Electrical, Electronics, Process Control, Thermal, Fluid Power, Mechanical, and Automation Systems. If you’d like to learn more about eBooks,...... Learn More

Case Study: Solving The Process Technologies Skills-Gap In Texas’s Upper Panhandle

...multimedia curriculum that allows users to practice calibrating, adjusting, installing, operating, and tuning thermal process control systems in industrial applications Analytical Process Control Learning System (T5554): Hands-On simulator with interactive...... Learn More

Skills Training in Correctional Facilities: How Second Chances Could Help Close the Skills Gap

...controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. Visit Amatrol online to learn more about how you can...... Learn More

Using eAssessment To Bridge the Skills Gap with Targeted Training

...automation, electrical, fluid power, green energy, industry fundamentals, lean manufacturing, machining, manufacturing processes, materials, measurement and gauging, mechanical, prints and drawings, process control, quality, safety, structural engineering, surveying, thermal, and...... Learn More

Guiding Students toward the In-Demand Skills & Roles of the Future

...and energy, controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. What truly sets Amatrol apart is its dedication...... Learn More

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