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Could Automation Revive Manufacturing Apprenticeships?

are, these new wonders of automation can’t operate in a vacuum. Automation systems need to be installed, programmed, and customized to fit the particular needs of a manufacturer. Once they’re...... Learn More

Where Are All the Highly-Skilled Workers? solutions targeted at the in-demand skill sets necessary to operate and repair advanced automation systems, including: print reading, fluid power, mechanical, electronics, robotics, computer-integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. Moreover,...... Learn More

The Top 5 Ways Amatrol Products Can Energize Your Electrical Training Program

...the fundamental building block of automation systems: electric relay control. As learners become immersed in electric relay control design and operation using ladder diagrams, they will also gain hands-on skills...... Learn More

Equipping a CTE Lab: How To Teach Process Control Skills

...Process control systems also improve safety, lower production costs, save energy, and decrease environmental impacts. What Industries Use Process Control Systems? Process control systems play an important role in most...... Learn More

Training Tomorrow’s Workforce Starts Today

...the latest Industrial Revolution will feature significant leaps in automation as cyber-physical systems combine with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a smart factory environment. The Fourth Industrial Revolution...... Learn More

Amatrol proudly introduces our new line of eBooks!

...offered throughout Amatrol’s wide array of products including areas such as Electrical, Electronics, Process Control, Thermal, Fluid Power, Mechanical, and Automation Systems. If you’d like to learn more about eBooks,...... Learn More

What Is Needed for Smart Factory Capabilities? A Look Into Industry 4.0…

...their companies on the track toward smart automation. And that intelligent automation push has also made its way into the Educational sector, with high schools, community colleges, and universities beginning...... Learn More

Are Your Students Prepared To Work in a Smart Factory? together to create a working definition of Industry 4.0, which can be described as the combination of cyber-physical systems, automation, and the IoT to create a Smart Factory environment....... Learn More

Industry-Standard Certifications Can Jump-Start or Fast-Track Your Career in Advanced Manufacturing

...nine specific technical areas: Basic Hydraulic Systems, Basic Mechanical Systems, Basic Pneumatic Systems, Electrical Control Systems, Electrical Systems Maintenance, Operations Maintenance, Piping Maintenance, Welding, and Process Control Systems. These certifications...... Learn More

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your CTE Program that look old, but still teach employable skills, is one thing. Having students use training systems that feature skills that are now obsolete in today’s industry is a completely...... Learn More

How Does Industry 4.0 Affect My Job? The Truth Behind Smart Automation

...“AI EXPERT SAYS AUTOMATION COULD REPLACE 40% OF JOBS IN 15 YEARS” (Fortune, Jan. 2019) “JOB LOSS FROM AI? THERE’S MORE TO FEAR!” (Forbes, Aug. 2018) …it’s easy to get...... Learn More

2020 Vision: A Look Ahead at the Future of Manufacturing

...the top five skill sets that will increase in demand as a result of advanced technologies and automation are: technology/computer skills digital skills programming skills for robots/automation working with tools...... Learn More

Teach Hands-On Smart Automation Skills in High School Using Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory

...the manufacturing landscape. Cyber-physical systems are combining automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring about a Fourth Industrial Revolution — often known as Industry 4.0 — to create...... Learn More

Guiding Students toward the In-Demand Skills & Roles of the Future

...increase in demand as a result of advanced technologies and automation are: “technology/computer skills, digital skills, programming skills for robots/automation, working with tools and technology, and critical thinking skills.” Hard...... Learn More

Giving Career Advice to Students: What Skills Will Students Need To Be Successful in the Jobs of the Future?

...According to Deloitte, the top five skill sets that will increase in demand as a result of advanced technologies and automation are: “technology/computer skills, digital skills, programming skills for robots/automation,...... Learn More

Your Next Career: Why Manufacturing Makes Sense

...useful throughout manufacturing, including popular areas like electrical, electronics, fluid power, mechanical, mechatronics, and automation. While Amatrol does not sell its training systems directly to individuals, its worldwide network of...... Learn More

Transform Your Tabletop Mechatronics System into a Smart Factory

finger on the pulse of Industry 4.0, which is combining cyber-physical systems, automation, and the Internet of Things to realize huge gains in industrial efficiency and productivity. In a Smart...... Learn More

Amatrol’s New Portable Motor Control & Portable Motor AC Drive Learning Systems

and much more! Portable Systems that Stand Up to Frequent Use These portable learning systems are built to withstand frequent transportation and learner use. Set within a durable ABS plastic...... Learn More

Technical Training & Certifications in Prison Systems Could Close Skills Gap

...Pneumatic, to electrical systems, Amatrol’s portable systems are safe, secure and effective for use in any correctional facility. Despite its compact size, the portable trainers still use industry-standard components, and...... Learn More

Looking Ahead to Manufacturing Trends in 2019

...Revolution, the manufacturing sector is immersed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. More commonly known as Industry 4.0, it focuses on automation and manufacturing technology, including the Industrial Internet of Things...... Learn More

“Industry 4.0 Fundamentals” Sets the Deck for Student Success

...would using the hands-on systems. Amatrol’s hands-on training systems, supported with interactive multimedia, are loaded with real-world, industrial components to simulate the closest possible experience to working on-the-job. The components...... Learn More

Training the Future Workforce: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore it, this Fourth Industrial Revolution will feature significant leaps in automation as cyber-physical systems combine with the Internet of Things to create a smart factory environment. Connected systems promise...... Learn More

Case Study: Solving The Process Technologies Skills-Gap In Texas’s Upper Panhandle

...common types of process control systems, flow and liquid level, and the basic concepts on which other systems are based Temperature Process Control Learning System (T5553): Hands-On simulator with interactive...... Learn More

Makerspaces, Amatrol Work to Close the Skills Gap

...stand-alone units, Amatrol’s Learning Systems are a perfect fit for Makerspaces due to the variety of options in areas of expertise, sizes and difficulties. While Amatrol’s Learning Systems have primarily...... Learn More

NIMS Certifications Pave the Path to a Successful Career in Industry

...can be obtained in nine specific technical areas: Basic Hydraulic Systems, Basic Mechanical Systems, Basic Pneumatic Systems, Electrical Control Systems, Electrical Systems Maintenance, Operations Maintenance, Piping Maintenance, Welding, and Process...... Learn More

Solar PV Troubleshooting | 950-SPT1

...operation, installation, adjustment, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Specific topics will include PV system and component sizing, energy conservation and demand, grid-tie systems, PC inverters, AC and DC solar PV systems, charge...... Learn More

What Is Industry 4.0?

...cyber-physical systems, automation, and the Internet of Things are combining to create a smart factory environment. The synergies created by these exciting new technologies promise huge gains in industrial efficiency...... Learn More

Join Us at ACTE VISION 2018 & See Smart Factory Training Systems In Action

...Smart Factory and Tabletop Smart Factory Learning Systems, Skill Boss, Portable Process Control Learning System, and more! More About Amatrol Learning Systems Featured at the Show: Smart Factory Mechatronics Training...... Learn More

Siemens Partnership | Amatrol to imaging systems for healthcare. In North America, Amatrol is the preferred corporate training partner for Siemens, offering training for PLCs, mechatronics, and more. To learn more about the...... Learn More

We Can Solve the Technical Skills Gap! by Paul Perkins

...our youth education system has not kept up with the changes in technology and the way people work. Many secondary education systems have not made career and technical education programs...... Learn More

Latest NAM Survey Confirms Skills Gap Remains Greatest Challenge

...of in-demand skill sets useful throughout industry, including popular areas like electrical, electronics, fluid power, mechanical, mechatronics, and automation. These systems can also be used in conjunction with specialized programs...... Learn More

Amatrol Selected for President’s “E” Award for Export Excellence

...multimedia learning content Developed training material in eight languages Expanded renewable energy systems that include Solar PV training and Wind Turbine learning systems System Customization: Committed to constantly modifying products...... Learn More

Amatrol Learning Systems Showcased on PBS “News Hour”

training on Amatrol systems. We are pleased to have our high quality systems utilized in one of the growing number of educational/skills programs created by community colleges and businesses working...... Learn More

Indiana Small Business of the Year Honored by State Chamber

November 9, 2010 (INDIANAPOLIS) — A Jeffersonville company that designs and manufactures technical learning systems was honored today as the state’s 2010 Small Business of the Year by the Indiana...... Learn More

Low-Cost, High-Skill Portable Simulators Can Help Workforce Shortage

...even empty cubicles become training space when utilizing these portable systems. Many instructors rotate different portable simulators in and out of their training areas daily, allowing them to teach multiple...... Learn More

Walla Walla CC wins The Aspen Prize, cites Amatrol as “paramount equipment”

...for Community College Excellence. Amatrol proudly supports WWCC as a key learning partner in their Energy Systems Technology program. The Aspen Prize recognizes, “institutions for outstanding achievement in four areas:...... Learn More

Are Your Students Pursuing Certifications That Matter?

...that concludes the impact of intelligent automation on jobs will mean that more than 120 million workers globally (11.5 million in the U.S.) will require retraining in the next three...... Learn More

Evolving CTE Programs Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap

...needed today and into the foreseeable future. Indeed, the workplace of the future will be impacted greatly by advanced technologies, such as automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)....... Learn More

Dual Enrollment Programs Pave the Pathway to Career Success, Amatrol remains the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning for industry and education. Amatrol offers learning systems for a wide variety of in-demand skill sets useful throughout industry,...... Learn More

KY FAME’s 7 Steps to Solving the Manufacturing Skills Gap

...primary focus on meeting the needs of manufacturers.” Therefore, KY FAME reached out to businesses in the community including Toyota, UPS, Hahn Automation, Atlas, Republic Conduit, and GE Appliances to...... Learn More

Five Ways to Increase Student Enrollment in CTE Classes

...“shop class” that you may have taken in high school. Now, students program robots and mechatronics systems, design and set up fluid power systems, and more. You need to showcase...... Learn More

Amatrol to Showcase Industrial Technology Training Systems at ATX West

...from any background to display competencies of foundational workplace skills for advanced manufacturing careers, which are necessary to be immediately productive on the job. Together with its hands-on learning systems,...... Learn More

Advanced PLC Programming – Allen Bradley ControlLogix (AB5500) and CompactLogix (AB5300)

...The course builds on the concepts presented in Amatrol’s Basic Programmable Controller Instructor’s Course. It features hands-on familiarization with Amatrol’s training systems for programmable controller programming and applications. Students will...... Learn More

Amatrol Celebrates Being a Top “Company to Watch”

...honored to be recognized for our innovation and growth. I believe this recognizes the talents of our employees and the leadership they show in creating educational learning systems that make...... Learn More

STEM Education Holds the Key to Bridging the Skills Gap

...into other STEM classes. According to the OSTP plan: Education systems that combine high-quality career and technical training with college preparatory curriculum are particularly effective at preparing students for both...... Learn More

Visit Amatrol at ACTE Vision 2019 | See Smart Factory & Skill Boss in Action!

...Skill Boss Manufacturing, Portable AC/DC Electrical Learning System, Portable Process Control Learning System, and more! More About Amatrol’s Learning Systems Featured at the Show: Smart Factory Tabletop Mechatronics Training...... Learn More

NIMS Endorses Amatrol’s Multimedia Curricula for ITM Certification

...multimedia based training will cover a wide array of maintenance skills for all duty areas of the certification including general maintenance operations, hydraulic systems, process control, electrical systems, mechatronics, and...... Learn More

President Barack Obama Commends CCAC’s Job-Driven Training

...cited them as an example that similar organizations can follow. Amatrol is proud that CCAC has long chosen to use a wide array of Amatrol Learning Systems to utilize within...... Learn More

Austin Peay Becomes Second College to Offer Siemens Bachelor’s Degree

...system professionals.” According to Siemens, graduates will be “designers of and experts on” mechatronic systems who can “design, manage, and improve” the systems. The Fort Campbell Strong initiative supports the...... Learn More

Skills Training in Correctional Facilities: How Second Chances Could Help Close the Skills Gap

...create the types of skills training programs that empower individuals to move beyond their past circumstances to build a better future. Using portable training systems with locally-installed multimedia curriculum, instructors...... Learn More

Amatrol’s eLearning: The Technical Training Solution for Industry

...electrical, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, alternative energy, HVAC, CNC machining, industrial certifications, mechanical, process control, quality assurance, safety, STEM, industrial maintenance, and even advanced topics like automation, mechatronics, robotics, and Industry...... Learn More

Study Shows Smart Factory Initiatives Paying Off for Early Adopters

...from a training standpoint. How can industries upskill current workers to be able to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair smart factory systems? How will educators fill the talent pipeline with...... Learn More

Amatrol Products Part of Ashley Furniture’s $3 Million Investment

...Amatrol, FANUC, Yaskawa, and SolidWorks to train students in electronics, manufacturing processes, automation, and robotics. Partnering with the Trempealeau Valley Cooperative, this Mobile Skills Laboratory will give students in the...... Learn More

Using eAssessment To Bridge the Skills Gap with Targeted Training

...automation, electrical, fluid power, green energy, industry fundamentals, lean manufacturing, machining, manufacturing processes, materials, measurement and gauging, mechanical, prints and drawings, process control, quality, safety, structural engineering, surveying, thermal, and...... Learn More

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